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This is South Sound Ladies Rock Camp

There were many firsts at the 2017 South Sound Ladies Rock Camp in Tacoma. It was the very first Ladies Rock Camp held outside of Seattle—part of RCRC’s attempt to expand our reach and encourage more individuals to #getfierce with us. For many campers, it was also their first Rock Camp experience – new faces […]

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Fierce Activism

Tired of injustice?  Get fierce.  At Rain City Rock Camp, we believe in more than just getting fired up about what we care about—we believe in doing something about it.  To us, action is fierce, and we want to make taking action more accessible to everyone.   Activism Made Easier Intentional activism takes time and […]

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2017 Theme Announced! GET FIERCE

2017 is going to be a year that challenges us.  We are going to encounter moments that will size us up and push our limits.  History is happening.  Reality is testing us.  The moment is now, and it is looking us in the eye and asking, what are you going to do about it? Get […]

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Together, We Are Strong

We are living during an intense time.  As our phones buzz with updates and the internet hemorrhages information fraught with conflicting facts, we are all grappling to both understand and process the sudden political changes.  At RCRC, we are clutching our sense of empowerment and looking at ways in which we can support ourselves, our […]

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Sweat, Smiles, and Rock n’ Roll: Why I Volunteer for Rain City Rock Camp for Girls

By aNdi pUzL For some time, I had been searching for an organization to volunteer for, because I wanted to work with children. This is when the universe intervened. My employer was showing the documentary Girls Rock- Claim Your Voice, which is the story of the Rock Camp in Portland.  Being a musician, I was intrigued, […]

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The Lasting Impact of an Ally

This spring, I had the pleasure of having a touching conversation with a truly special woman, Shelby Barnes. Shelby shared with me the story of the life of her grandfather, and the way that he encouraged musical exploration and self love to all those who knew him. In honor of her grandfather, Shelby made a […]

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